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Holiday Lights Tour Information

Please Meet at the SIDE entrance of Sheraton - 53rd Street between 6:15 and 6:30PM

The correct meeting place is under the Sheraton New York sign on 53rd Street, next to the jewelers shop & icon parking, directly across from Champion Parking (with the blue sign.) It is NOT under the Sheraton sign on 7th Avenue by the front door, or on the corner of 7th and 53rd. The meeting spot is halfway up the block on 53rd under the Sheraton awning

Unless 53rd street happens to be closed by the NYPD, the guide will ONLY be checking passengers in under the Sheraton sign on 53rd. If you are looking for the guide anywhere else between 6:15 and 6:30, you might miss check in for the tour.

If you are asked to board a double decker bus, that is NOT our tour, and you will likely not see all the sights promised by us.

Bus drivers are not authorized to load tour passengers on to buses, ONLY guides are allowed to do that. Please do not board a bus or ask drivers lined up on the street if they are the NYCVP Holiday Lights tour. Only the guide will check you in and collect your voucher. Drivers cannot do that.

If the weather outside is frightful, you may wait inside the Sheraton's 53rd Street entrance (where it's delightful) for the guide, near the jeweler and gift shop. (Note - please do not block the doorway of either store or of the hotel, and please gather in a way that does not impede access to the hotel lobby.)

Most nights, the guide will wait until almost the entire group has arrived to board. There is no boarding preference given, whether you arrived at 5:30 or 6:15. As long as you are there by the appointed departure time (6:30) you will have a seat on the bus. Other than the spot for the guide at the very front, seats are not assigned, reserved or held. The bus criss-crosses midtown, so most views are the same no matter which side of the bus you are seated on.

If you do not see the guide or the group when you arrive, do not panic. Please be standing at the side entrance of the Sheraton (53rd between 6th & 7th) at 6:30PM. The guide always does a second check there for passengers before departing, even if other guests have already been loaded.

If there is an event and the 53rd Street side is closed, gather in the lobby of the Sheraton near the overhead clock and Hudson's Market. The guide will check for passengers there at 6:15, and again at 6:30. (Please stand to the side and do not impede access for others getting through the lobby of the hotel.)

In some cases, the bus might be delayed by traffic or unable to load on 53rd Street. In those events, the guide will still gather everyone on 53rd street until a determination can be made when and where to load.

Once you are checked in by the guide, please do not wander off. If the group suddenly loads, the guide will note you as checked in and may leave without knowing that you are not actually on board.

Holiday traffic in New York City is unpredictable. If, for whatever reason, the departure time is delayed beyond 6:30, you will still see every sight promised. Our guides are trained to re-route and adjust to compensate for traffic, street closures, and other unforeseen events. If a certain area is inaccessible, a suitable replacement will be chosen by the guide and driver to ensure that the full tour is given.

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