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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Vacation

Rates from:  $197.50  per person for a 2-night complete package

All NYCVP Vacations include FREE admission to New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters NYC Museum and Gardens! See what other free bonuses you get with your NYC Vacation package.

Enjoy the Metropolitan Museum on 2-night and longer New York City vacation packages arriving any day.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your Metropolitan Museum of Art Vacation Includes

  • Accommodations for 2-nights or longer in a midtown Manhattan hotel of your choice, in the heart of Times Square, the Theater District, Rockefeller Center
  • Admission to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as the Cloisters
  • And much more
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world’s finest museums and a must-see on your visit to New York City. The Met's comprehensive collection contains more than two million works of art from ancient through modern times. With Egyptian mummies, Islamic carvings, Renaissance paintings, historic and modern costumes, Native American masks and 20th century decorative arts, there’s something for everyone.

Admission to the Met includes same-day admission to The Cloisters museum and gardens, a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in northern Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park devoted to the art, architecture, and gardens of medieval Europe. See magnificent sculpture, exquisite illuminated manuscripts, glorious stained glass, and the celebrated Unicorn Tapestries.

What are the Current Exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Sol LeWitt Drawing 370Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawing #370
Date: Through January 1, 2017
Sol LeWitt (American, 1928–2007) executed drawings by hand throughout his life; in 1968 he extricated his work from the confines of the frame and transferred it directly to the wall. The wall compositions were designed for limited duration and maximum flexibility within a broad range of architectural settings. Initially executed by drafters, these works in their finished state were most often slated for destruction. A seminal practitioner of Conceptual Art, LeWitt emphasized the creative idea that generates a work of art, as opposed to the work's material existence. "For each work of art that becomes physical," he wrote, "there are many variations that do not."
Sol LeWitt's 1982 Wall Drawing #370: Ten Geometric Figures (including right triangle, cross, X, diamond) with three-inch parallel bands of lines in two directions was installed at the Museum over a period of four weeks. The drawing (a detail of which is at left) will be on view in its complete state through January 1, 2017, when it will be painted over.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arms and ArmorArms and Armor from the Islamic World
Date: Through January 2, 2017
This exhibition features a selection of more than three dozen historical examples of Islamic arms and armor, which represent the breadth and depth of The Met's renowned holdings in this area. Focusing primarily on the courts of the Mamluk and Ottoman sultans, shahs of Iran, and Mughal emperors of India, the exhibition celebrates the publication of Islamic Arms and Armor in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum's first scholarly volume on the subject.
Highlights of the installation include a magnificent Ottoman helmet embellished with pious Qur’anic verses in gold and a luxurious gold-encrusted saber bearing inscriptions praising King Solomon (Süleyman)—both from the time of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent (r. 1520–66); the earliest documented Islamic sword, a ninth-century example discovered in 1939 in the Museum's excavations at Nishapur, Iran; and a dagger covered with a mosaic of rubies and emeralds made in the court workshops of the Mughal emperor Jahangir (r. 1605–27). Also on view are several works that have not been exhibited for decades.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Jerusalem 1000-4000Jerusalem 1000–1400: Every People Under Heaven
Date: Through January 8, 2017
This exhibition will illuminate the key role that the Holy City played in shaping the art of the period from 1000 to 1400. While Jerusalem is often described as a city of three faiths, that formulation underestimates its fascinating complexity. In fact, the city was home to multiple cultures, faiths, and languages. History records harmonious and dissonant voices of people from many lands, passing in the narrow streets of a city not much larger than midtown Manhattan. This will be the first exhibition to unravel the various cultural traditions and aesthetic strands that enriched and enlivened the medieval city.
Over 200 works of art will be gathered from some 60 lenders worldwide. Nearly a quarter of the objects will come from Jerusalem, including key loans from its religious communities, some of which have never before shared their treasures outside their walls. Jerusalem 1000–1400, Every People Under Heaven will bear witness to the crucial role that the city has played in shaping world culture, a lesson vital to our common history.

Fragonard: Drawing Triumphant
Date: Through January 8, 2017
Jean Honoré Fragonard (1732–1806)—one of the most forward-looking and inventive artists of the 18th century—was equally skilled in painting, drawing, and etching. Unlike many old masters for whom drawing was a preparatory tool, Fragonard explored the potential of chalk, ink, and wash to create sheets that were works of art in their own right. As displays of virtuosity and an imaginative spirit, his drawings have been prized highly from his own day to the present, and New York has long been a center for collecting these works.
This exhibition will celebrate the artist's achievements as a master draftsman. Among the 100 works on paper on view, nearly half are from private collections, some of which will be shown publicly for the first time. A similar brio and inventiveness mark the artist's etchings, and examples of these will also be featured in the selection. The exhibition will provide a rare opportunity to see well-loved masterpieces alongside new discoveries and works that have long been out of the public eye.

Valentin de Boulogne: Beyond Caravaggio
Date: Through January 16, 2017
The greatest French follower of Caravaggio (1571–1610), Valentin de Boulogne (1591–1632) was also one of the outstanding artists in 17th-century Europe. In the years following Caravaggio's death, he emerged as one of the most original protagonists of the new, naturalistic painting.
This will be the first monographic exhibition devoted to Valentin, who is little known because his career was short-lived—he died at age 41—and his works are so rare. Around 60 paintings by Valentin survive, and this exhibition will bring together 45 of them, with works coming from Rome, Vienna, Munich, Madrid, London, and Paris. Exceptionally, the Musée du Louvre, which possesses the most important and extensive body of Valentin's works, will lend all of its paintings by the artist.
Although he is not well known to the general public, Valentin has long been admired by those with a passion for Caravaggesque painting. His work was a reference point for the great realists of the 19th century, from Courbet to Manet, and his startlingly vibrant staging of dramatic events and the deep humanity of his figures, who seem touched by a pervasive melancholy, make his work unforgettable.
Power and Piety: Islamic Talismans on the Battlefield
Date: Through February 13, 2017
Inscriptions and images on Islamic arms and armor were believed to provide their wearers with safety and success in combat. This exhibition, featuring some 30 works from The Met collection, will examine the role of text and image in the construction and function of arms and armor in the Islamic world. Qur'anic verses; prayers that invoke Allah, the Asma al-Husna (99 Beautiful Names of Allah), as well as the Prophet Muhammad, his family, and companions; and mystical symbols were all used to imbue military apparel, weapons, and paraphernalia with protective powers.

What are Upcoming Exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

the Metropolitan Museum of Art Permanent Collection

In formation since 1870, the Metropolitan Museum's collection now contains more than two million works of art from all points of the compass, ancient through modern times. 
New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: American Decorative Arts
American Decorative Arts
Furniture, silver, pewter, glass, ceramics, and textiles from the late 17th to early 20th century, as well as domestic architecture in furnished period rooms.
New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: American Paintings and Sculpture
American Paintings and Sculpture
Portraits, landscapes, history paintings, still lifes, folk art, and sculpture from colonial times through the early 20th century.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Ancient Near Eastern Art
Ancient Near Eastern Art
Stone reliefs and sculpture, ivory, and objects of precious metal from a vast area and time span: Anatolia to the Indus Valley, Neolithic period (ca. 8000 B.C.E.) to the Arab conquest (7th century C.E.).
New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arms and Armor Arms and Armor
Armor for men, horses, and children, weapons, and martial accoutrements of sculptural and ornamental beauty from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and America.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
Ritual objects and monuments, articles of personal adornment, and utensils for daily life from three continents and dozens of Pacific islands, 2000 B.C.E. to the present.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Asian Art Asian Art
Paintings, calligraphy, prints, sculpture, ceramics, bronzes, jades, lacquer, textiles, and screens from ancient to modern China, Japan, Korea, and South and Southeast Asia.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Cloisters
The Cloisters
Art and architecture of medieval Europe, including sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass, metalwork, enamels, ivories, paintings, and tapestries.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Costume Institute
The Costume Institute
Seven centuries and five continents of fashionable dress, regional costumes, and accessories for men, women, and children, up to the present.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Drawings and Prints
Drawings and Prints
Graphic art of the Renaissance and after, encompassing prints in all techniques, sketches to highly finished drawings, illustrated books, and other works on paper.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egyptian Art
 Egyptian Art
Statuary, reliefs, stelae, funerary objects, jewelry, daily implements, and architecture from prehistoric Egypt through the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms to the Roman period (4th century C.E.).
New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: European Paintings
European Paintings
Major canvases, panels, triptychs, and frescoes by Italian, Flemish, Dutch, French, Spanish, and British masters, from the 12th through the 19th century.
New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Greek and Roman Art
Greek and Roman Art
Arts of Greece, Rome, Etruria, Cyprus, and Greek and Roman settlements until the 4th century C.E., including marble, bronze, and terracotta sculpture, vases, wall paintings, jewelry, gems, glass, and utilitarian objects.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Islamic Art
Islamic Art
Manuscripts and miniatures, carpets, intricately decorated objects in many media, and architectural elements from the founding of Islam in the 7th century C.E. onward, from Morocco to India.
New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Robert Lehman Collection The Robert Lehman Collection
A private collection of paintings, drawings, and decorative arts given to the Museum, rich in works from the Italian and Northern Renaissance through the 20th century.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Libraries The Libraries
Rare first editions, artists' treatises and manuals, illustrated atlases, scrapbooks, fine bindings, and seminal works of art history from the Museum's research libraries.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Medieval Art
Medieval Art
Early European, Byzantine, Carolingian, Romanesque, and Gothic works from the 4th to 16th century, including sculpture, tapestries, reliquaries, liturgical vessels, and more.
New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Modern Art
Modern Art
American and European paintings, works on paper, sculpture, design, and architecture representing the major artistic movements since 1900.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments
An international array of instruments of historical, technical, and social importance, as well as tonal and visual beauty, from accordions to koras to zithers.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Photographs
Prints and daguerreotypes from the early history of the medium, European and American avant-garde works, and contemporary contributions from around the world.

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Antonio Ratti Textile Center Antonio Ratti Textile Center
Tapestries, velvets, carpets, embroideries, laces, samplers, quilts, and woven and printed fabrics from all periods and civilizations, dating back to 3000 B.C.E..

New York City Museums and Attractions: Metropolitan Museum of Art: Provenance Research Project
Provenance Research Project
Read about ongoing research into the ownership history, or provenance, of paintings and other works of art in the Metropolitan Museum.

What are the Metropolitan Museum of Art Hours of Operation?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is open 7 days a week
Sunday–Thursday: 10am–5:30pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am–9pm
Closed Thanksgiving Day, December 25, January 1, and the first Monday in May

Where is the Metropolitan Museum of Art Located?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located at 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street

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